Boodles Gin has teamed up with British knitwear label John Smedley to create a signature scarf inspired by the perfectly balanced London dry gin. Boodles Gin collaborated with John Smedley because of their shared dedication to British design, quality, craftsmanship and community. Made of merino wool and knitted at a fine 30 gauge, the scarf is sure to keep gin drinkers as warm as a sip of Boodles will, even on the briskest of winter days!

The design team at John Smedley took inspiration from Boodles gin itself: always understated, classically proportioned, and made with the utmost labor and patience. The garment sports colours pulled directly from the Boodles gin bottle; midnight navy blue and light blue stripes are juxtaposed across the length of the scarf. The Boodles crest – resembling a king’s crown - is hand-embroidered on the hem of each scarf.

Jacqueline Turner, Head of Special Projects for Design at John Smedley, says, “It made total sense for us to collaborate with Boodles gin, with their long and illustrious heritage. Founded in 1784, John Smedley has been designing and manufacturing luxurious knitwear from the same mill in Derbyshire, England, for over 200 years. We are proud to put “Made in Britain” on the label of every garment we make in the same way that Boodles is proud of its British heritage. The gin is distilled in Cheshire, bottled in Essex, in Scottish glass, with labels from Wales. This is a true marriage of two classic British brands”.

The Boodles and John Smedley scarf will have a limited run of 60 scarves and is available to purchase for a limited period.
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